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Support during tax audits

Recently, the capabilities of the tax authorities have significantly expanded. The approach to inspections has become more thorough and thoughtful. In such conditions, ignorance of one’s rights and the specifics of tax legislation inevitably leads to serious additional charges. Even conscientious taxpayers and real transactions fall into the zone of tax risks. High-quality legal support of tax audits allows our clients to feel confident and concentrate on their business tasks. We undertake all interaction with the tax authorities. A well-chosen line of conduct and an enhanced evidence base reduces the risk of illegal additional charges and creates a reliable basis for further protection.

Why do you need Tax audit support?

  • for full control and predictability of audit results;
  • to avoid providing unverified information and documents;
  • this prevents illegal demands and actions of inspectors;
  • it saves time and allows you not to be distracted from current affairs.

What do we do within the framework of the «Support during Tax audit» service?

  • 01.

    Instructing employees

    We provide instruction and familiarize employees with the rules of conduct during inspections of control bodies.
  • 02.

    Building a correct relationship with the inspectors

    It is very important from the very first day of the inspection to choose the optimal tactics of communication with the inspectors. Fulfillment of any (sometimes crossing the line of the law) requirements and whims of the inspector without questioning, the so—called «most favored regime» is not the right tactic to your advantage. It is not necessary to go to the other extreme — to defiantly oppose the audit and unleash a small war with the tax inspectorate, thereby provoking a tax vendetta.
  • 03.

    Prompt preparation of responses to the requests of the tax authority

    Assessment of the requirements of the tax authorities and preparation of motivated responses to them.
  • 04.

    Participation in all tax control activities

    All tax control activities (document collection, seizure, inspection, inventory, surveys of managers and employees) are held in the presence of our lawyers and auditors. Knowledge of the procedure for conducting a tax audit is necessary for fixing violations of the tax authority and their subsequent appeal.
  • 05.

    Consultations on issues arising during the tax audit

  • 06.

    Preparation of objections to the tax audit report, participation in the review of tax audit materials

    Case from our practice:: During the support of the on-site tax audit, it became clear that the tax authority would have claims on exchange rate differences. Analysis of the documents showed that, indeed, the taxpayer did not include in the income a positive exchange rate difference from the revaluation of the advance on equipment. However, as a result, the initial cost of the equipment is incorrectly determined (underestimated), respectively, depreciation is taken into account in a smaller amount. In the objections to the act, we pointed out the duality of the error, asked to take into account the actual tax liabilities (an overpayment of income tax was obtained). The court supported our position.