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Debt recovery

Debt recovery using mechanisms of bringing to subsidiary liability, identifying the withdrawal of assets of the debtor and their return by challenging transactions, collecting losses from controlling persons of the debtor, the return of property after a chain of resales.

Why do you need help in asset recovery?

  • The law is constantly changing and the advantage is with someone who knows how to use new tools (subsidiary liability, challenging suspicious transactions).
  • Speed is very important in the pursuit of assets. Contacting professionals will allow you not to miss the time.
  • ВIt is more difficult to return assets than to hide them. To succeed, you need non-standard solutions and a professional team.

What do you get as part of the service?

  • 01.

    An honest assessment of the probability of success

    we do not sell illusions to earn
  • 02.

    Roadmap of work with control points and deadlines

  • 03.

    The end result of the work is the repayment of the debt, the receipt of the asset