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Structuring of transactions

Support of transactions with a complex object and the composition of participants.

Why do you need to structure transactions?

  • If you buy

    so that as a result of the transaction you get what you need and do not get what you do not need (hidden debts, problems with government agencies, encumbrances and other «surprises»)
  • If you sell

    to have effective guarantees of payment or return of the object.
  • If you enter into a transaction with a partner

    to accurately record the rights and obligations of each participant and the consequences of the occurrence of certain circumstances (including forced or intentional violation of obligations by the participant).

What do you get as part of the service?

  • 01.

    Comprehensive examination of the transaction

    We consider the deal from all sides. We analyze civil, corporate, antimonopoly, financial, tax and administrative risks.
  • 02.

    Various solutions to the problem with a description of advantages and disadvantages

    We will flexibly adjust the transaction to your wishes.
  • 03.

    Full documents package required for the transaction

  • 04.

    Transaction support

    Company's partners have extensive experience in high-level negotiations. We can not only fulfill your transaction tasks, but also actively participate in the business configuration of the transaction.