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Construction disputes

Many of our clients are construction companies. They are very different — from the construction of the metro and oil and gas infrastructure to football stadiums. We understand this business well, we know its specifics and bottlenecks. We have extensive experience in resolving construction disputes in state and arbitration courts, including:
  • For debt and interest collection

    More than 500 million rubles of debt and interest were collected as part of one of such disputes.
  • For the recovery of an undeveloped advance

    More than 50 million rubles of an undeveloped advance were recovered as part of one of such disputes.
  • For the recovery of a penalty for the delay of work and other fines

    More than 50 million rubles of penalties for delay were collected in the framework of one of such disputes. We have protected more than 750 million rubles of the client's funds from unreasonable requirements of the Construction Customer.
  • On the obligation of the counterparty to perform certain actions

  • On acceptance of the results of the work performed unilaterally

  • On appeal of decisions of supervisory authorities on the imposition of punishment

  • On appeal of acts, actions and omissions of state (municipal) bodies and their officials

What do we do within the framework of the «Construction Disputes» service?

  • 01.

    The strategy and tactics of the dispute defining

  • 02.

    Negotiations with the opponent, search for the most beneficial solution for both sides

  • 03.

    Formation of the evidence base in the case

  • 04.

    Conducting claim correspondence

  • 05.

    Drafting a statement of claim and other statements

  • 06.

    Protection of your interests in court

  • 07.

    Obtaining writ of execution and conducting enforcement proceedings.