Foreign jurisdictions for the development of crypto business

In the previous article, we discussed why the Seychelles, with the introduction of new regulation, won’t be such an attractive place to open an operating company. Now we decided to consider jurisdictions that can become a base for the development of crypto business.What should VASP companies choose if they want to serve customers all over…

11 марта 2024

Tatarstan is preparing to become a cryptocurrency pioneer of Russia

The idea of organizing a free cryptocurrency circulation zone in the republic has been discussed for several years, but the lack of legal regulation delays the start of the experiment. Most of the largest mining projects in Russia (and not only) have their beginnings in Tatarstan. There are even blockchain projects of Tatarstan entrepreneurs, who…

12 февраля 2024

Why are Seychelles no longer paradise islands for crypto business?

Seychelles seems to be one of the most economically viable jurisdictions for registering a crypto business. This hypothesis is confirmed by the fact that many large crypto exchanges: OCX, Binance, Huobi provide services to users from almost all over the world through legal entities incorporated in the Seychelles. The reason for this popularity is that…

30 января 2024

Restoration of VAT in bankruptcy: doomsday of creditors

When the debtor’s property is solding at auction, registered creditors are looking forward to at least some repayment of their claims. However, if in pre-bankruptcy times the debtor could use the right to deduct VAT, then in a bankruptcy case, on the contrary, the same VAT is restored. The tax authority requires (and receives) the…

25 декабря 2023

Controlled bankruptcy: interested arbitration managers

In October 2023, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation issued a review on the participation of arbitration managers in the bankruptcy case. It was noted again that in order of rejection the proposed candidacy or dismissal the manager from his duties, it is only necessary to create reasonable doubts about his independence from the…

15 декабря 2023

Law firm ANP ZENIT legal is the leader in the rating of litigators Pravo.ru

The Pravo.ru portal published the results of a study of Russian law firms specializing in resolving litigation. It includes the most successful law firms. In addition to the leaders in resolving arbitration disputes, the companies involved in the largest number of cases, the firms with the largest claims, became known. ANP ZENIT legal confirms and maintains…

17 мая 2023

Speed ​​up the court: how to convince to consider the case quickly

Most often, the courts refuse the participant in the dispute in the request to expedite the process, but there is still a point in filing such an application, lawyers are sure. In the Pravo.ru article, lawyers told what other means can be used to speed up the receipt of the desired decision. Rimma Fatykhova, lead…

11 апреля 2023

Before you sue the inspectors, file a complaint — now you can’t do without it

From January 1, 2023, the procedure for appealing decisions on certain inspections has changed. Now, before going to court, companies and individual entrepreneurs must file a pre-trial complaint. If this is not done, the court will not accept the application. About what checks this concerns and how to complain about controllers, read the article by…

9 апреля 2023

Nothing to anyone: we conclude a no-claims agreement

The parties may agree that they have no claims against each other under the contract. But the courts may then invalidate such an agreement. Arkady Vayman, a partner of ANP Zenit, commented for Pravo.ru on such an agreement. Read more in the article. the article.

5 апреля 2023